“Our CIS Site Coordinator is a team player and we rely on her support regularly.”

Mr. Antonio Mattox

Principal, McDonough High School

“Ms. Ashley is doing a wonderful job here at Stockbridge High School. She is busy making connections and building relationships with our students by providing much needed services!”

Ms. Lavonda R. Clarington, NBCT, Ed.S

Assistant Principal, Stockbridge High School

Basic Needs

What can seem like small obstacles can easily lead students off track. Ensuring students have access to basic needs is so important…

Behavioral Interventions

Many of our students face and overcome difficult obstacles in their lives. However, their survival skills aren’t always effective in the classroom or the work place…

Life Skills

Life skills cover a broad range of topics – including health and hygiene, job attainment, money management, how to study, how to manage time, how to set and achieve goals…

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