Help Us Change a Life

They live down the street, around the corner, or right next door to us. They are teens on the verge of dropping out of school who need your help before it’s too late. It’s a hard fact to accept, but in the U.S. we have 1.2 million teens that drop out of high school each year. That’s a cost of $252,000 per student that we, as tax payers, have to pay over the lifetime of each of these teens.

We can help shrink that number by taking care of our teens right here in Henry County.


  • By donating to CIS Henry so that we may be able to provide programs and services that will help our teens stay in school and graduate.
  • By becoming a mentor to our teens so that you will give them the time, attention, and direction they need to succeed.
  • By becoming a sponsor and supporter of our community events.

We can’t help any of our teens without you.  Together, we can save our Henry County teens, one child at a time.